Inner Self Vs. Outer Action

Unpopular Opinion🤷🏾‍♀️? 

Self-care is so buzzy right now. And don’t get me wrong, I love a self-care spa day! But I also find myself rolling my eyes at how many people use it as an excuse to not get stuff done.

Listen up! You are not gonna just self-care your way to success, my friend. 

Yes! self care is important.

You should find regular rhythms of rest. ⠀You should feed your soul. ⠀You should stay present and breathe into the moment. ⠀Destress, decompress. Do the inner work. ⠀Focus on your mindset and mental wellness. ⠀Meditate. ⠀Heal your inner child. ⠀Silence the inner critic.⠀Do all the things.

And I’m the first one to tell my clients to take a nap. But if you don’t move beyond that, what are we even doing it all for?

Here’s something I’ve noticed (mostly with women clients, but men – you are not exempt).

People get to the point where they just LOVE doing the inner work of getting to know themselves. It’s liberating. It’s exciting. It’s enlightening.

But it can also keep you stuck if you let it.

You can work on yourself so much that it becomes a distraction!

Its important to do the inner work. Believe me – it’s 100% necessary. I do it. I work with my clients to do it. But if you wanna get somewhere with your business, the inner work should be translating into outer action.

The inner work is supposed to make you more confident, more trusting of yourself, more sure of your calling. It should be inspiring, empowering, and action oriented.

Not lead you down a never ending spiral of trying to re-live every moment of your childhood to figure out what went wrong and why.

Self-care is a part of a 360 strategy. It is NOT a strategy all to itself.

Don’t get so focused on the inner that you neglect the service you were put on this planet to do.

The inner healing is never meant to be just for you. There are probably thousands who can benefit from it 😊

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How To Handle Criticism

TRUTH: There will be people who judge you because you're doing the thing they are too scared to do.

Who else has had to face judgments & harsh critique for the way you live your life? 

If you have - it means you're doing something right. And you're in good company.

But let's break this down - people who judge/criticize do so to justify their own feelings of inadequacy, insecurities, shortcomings, etc. I mean that's just psych 101. Life is a mirror. Always.

Here's how to deal.⠀

1. Be secure in your identity and who God has called you to be. 

This is mission critical, and really the biggest thing. People will always have an opinion. God's matters the most. If you can stand with integrity and say that you are truly operating in alignment with God's calling. Then, who cares... Discussion is over. The problem is, most people aren't here yet. It's ok. I know you're working on it.

2. Have a support system - you're going to need it! 

And here's something to consider: the higher the calling, the more high level that support needs to be. I'm not talking about it just being your mom and your best friend, people! Get a real coach/mentor. Someone you do life with regularly.

3. How I personally handle it. 

I get it. There was a time when it would hurt my feelings too. But then I realized, Most people out here being Judgy McJudgerson have awful lives 🤦🏾‍♀️.

  • Lives I would never wanna live. 
  • Lives I would never aspire to emulate. 
  • Lives that look drastically different than mine - and thank God for it!

They are the worst people to take advice from! 

But I do need to be checked! I'm certainly not above reproach. And this goes back to the support. High-level, regular, #accountability#coaching#mentorship is non-negotiable!  

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A Call for Leaders in the Digital World | Dr. Tracy Timberlake | TEDxYoungCirclePark

It is not an accident that I have felt called to this work YEARS in advance. I have been preaching the same 'GO DIGITAL' message since I started my business. 

I have helped over 10,000 people take their businesses online, or at the very least start showing up there! Why?

  1. Because I never want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to serve their people.
  2. Because that's where people are!!!
Taking a look at what's happening in the world today, it's not easy to see why going digital is sooooo important!

Because we are all encouraged to practice social distancing and self-quarantine, more people are on mobile plans more than ever before!!! At a rate that even has us questioning - can the internet sustain this amount of people at once?


The world wants you to believe in scarcity, they want you to see all the grocery shelves depleted like we live in some 1965 Communist Country. 

But no!!!! Because there are several businesses that are having the best year of their life! My clients are some of them!

  • One of them just signed a $25,000 Client
  • One of them started a new business with her husband (I mean, they gotta be together anyway, right?)
  • One of them has a booming online fitness business that is growing every single day!
The Internet Opportunity exists 10 fold right now. 

Views have been higher than ever. 
Ratings have been higher than ever. 
Audiences have actually been growing.

And money is still free-flowing in the economy. 

*The truth is we were due for a slight dip, and we have been for 4 years. This is how the cycle of our economy works. There isn't actually anything to be afraid of. We have all lived through many cycles of this - and look! We are all still here! Don't let the click bait, fear tactics make you believe that you are losing control.

Since people are on their mobile devices you have a unique, unprecedented opportunity that has never been had since the history of the internet! 

You have the opportunity to get in front of MORE of your people than ever before, faster than ever before, and in a time and space where people actually are open to hearing from you. 

So, take this as my encouragement to GO DIGITAL!

The message hasn't changed. The strategy hasn't changed. 

There has never been a better time than NOW!

Cheers to your digital success

- Dr. TT

A Little Message From God

Pssst... Just in case you didn't know, He knows!⠀
That gift, that talent, that dream - God knew all about it. As a matter of fact, He gave it to you.

He is not surprised by your desire to do things differently.

He is not shocked by the fact that you're good at what you're good at.

He is not worried about how it's all gonna happen.

He has known YOU all along! 

He is, however, concerned about why you're trying to hide it, why you're not trusting Him with it and why you keep pretending like He it didn't come from him to begin with.

God will do some pretty amazing things with someone who is willing to enter into the vision with reckless abandon and ruthless trust.

The doubt, the fear, the let's wait and see... Well that's just prolonging your process. Let it go! It's not helping you.

When you're willing to trust - He gives us the opportunity to be blessed, but also to be a blessing! And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about!

You, claiming your contribution and blessing others with the blessing you've been given. What a wonderful thing!

Don't fight it. Don't run from it. Face it. Lean into it. Dream it. Do it!!!!

Its always been the thing you were meant to do.⠀

Sending you tons of love.⠀
-Dr. TT .

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TRUTH: Your Middle-Class Upbringing Will Keep You Broke As A Joke.

It's time we have the money conversation.

This message won't be for everyone. So, If you're feeling your blood boil by the thought of talking about money, keep scrolling.

Truth: your middle class upbringing will keep you broke as a joke.

The middle class mentality has always focused on:

1. Pay off debt - cuz Omg. Debt is your mortal enemy!

2. Save enough for 6 months. Rainy days come, the other shoe drops, gotta prepare for the worst!

3. Make sure you're putting away money for retirement - plan your entire career for this!

4. Make "just enough" for all of the above. Forget about the generations after you. You just teach them the same thing, right?

Yea. Even if ALL goes well, those are crappy goals. So, like I said... We need to have this conversation.

THIS may shock you - money makes your decisions. Money determines what part of town you live in, what house you buy (if you can buy one at all!), what college your kids choose, if you afford to take your fam on real vacation this year, or do we visit Grandpa. Again! Money decides whether or not you add a side of guac or nah. Ppl pay lip service to God/Faith/Trust. But let's be real. Money (or lack thereof) is making the choice.

Not saying it's right. Just saying it is. I watch people live like this EVERYDAY.

So, I plan to say in public what I've always taught in private with clients - a lot of that rests around money.

How to make it.
How to keep it.
How to stop being ashamed of wanting it.
How to have a healthy relationship with it.
How to trust yourself with more of it.
How to stop listening to people who don't have it give you advice about it.
How to heal from the awful things you've been taught about it.
How to align your purpose with it.
How to make money a tool, not a destination.
How to stop repelling it.
How to stop being afraid of spending it.
How to stop judging people who have it.

All the things. Order the mixtape.

Let's get this conversation started!!!

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