It is not an accident that I have felt called to this work YEARS in advance. I have been preaching the same 'GO DIGITAL' message since I started my business. 

I have helped over 10,000 people take their businesses online, or at the very least start showing up there! Why?

  1. Because I never want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to serve their people.
  2. Because that's where people are!!!
Taking a look at what's happening in the world today, it's not easy to see why going digital is sooooo important!

Because we are all encouraged to practice social distancing and self-quarantine, more people are on mobile plans more than ever before!!! At a rate that even has us questioning - can the internet sustain this amount of people at once?


The world wants you to believe in scarcity, they want you to see all the grocery shelves depleted like we live in some 1965 Communist Country. 

But no!!!! Because there are several businesses that are having the best year of their life! My clients are some of them!

  • One of them just signed a $25,000 Client
  • One of them started a new business with her husband (I mean, they gotta be together anyway, right?)
  • One of them has a booming online fitness business that is growing every single day!
The Internet Opportunity exists 10 fold right now. 

Views have been higher than ever. 
Ratings have been higher than ever. 
Audiences have actually been growing.

And money is still free-flowing in the economy. 

*The truth is we were due for a slight dip, and we have been for 4 years. This is how the cycle of our economy works. There isn't actually anything to be afraid of. We have all lived through many cycles of this - and look! We are all still here! Don't let the click bait, fear tactics make you believe that you are losing control.

Since people are on their mobile devices you have a unique, unprecedented opportunity that has never been had since the history of the internet! 

You have the opportunity to get in front of MORE of your people than ever before, faster than ever before, and in a time and space where people actually are open to hearing from you. 

So, take this as my encouragement to GO DIGITAL!

The message hasn't changed. The strategy hasn't changed. 

There has never been a better time than NOW!

Cheers to your digital success

- Dr. TT