Success Loves Speed…

Success loves speed…

When it comes to entrepreneurship its not always about how good you are, it's about how fast you are.

How fast can you learn what you need to learn to succeed?
How fast can you get clear?
How fast can you go from idea to execution?
How fast can you learn to be consistent?
How fast can you create good content that positions you properly in your industry?
How fast can you adapt from an employee to entrepreneur mindset?
How fast can you get over yourself and your fear of visibility and failure. and and all the other mindset blocks that prevent you from achieving your goals?

Being good at what you do will give you longevity - we want that!

Being fast is what gets you started and then you build from there 🙂

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Your comfort zone is not a good benchmark…

Your comfort zone is not a good benchmark.

📍When you're not used to being seen, finally doing things to get visible can feel like sleezy self promotion.

📍When you're not used to being assertive, being unapologetic about what you want in life can feel like aggression.

📍When you're not used to feeling confident, showing up for yourself can feel like arrogance.

📍When you're not used to being a priority, putting yourself first for once can feel selfish.

You see how comfort zone be benchmarks can be problematic?

You're designed to grow, expand, desire more, be more!

Don't let your comfort zone deceive you into staying small because you've been duped into believing that's humility and prudence.

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As far as social media goes…

As far as success on social media goes…

People generally only post the highlight reel. But that's not always a bad thing.

People have such a judgement on it (you already know what I think about judgements) but I say - Flip it. Reframe it.

The highlight reel is actually what draws people in! When you see a movie trailer, they arent showing you behind the scenes of their long 18 hour long filming days, light and camera set ups, boring table reads, and production meetings. What a snooze fest!

They show you the stuff that makes you want to see the movie!

People often judge social media for being that way but like, as unpopular of an opinion as this may be…that’s marketing!

So show those highlights my friend! We all know life isn’t always roses and rainbows. But when it is, you are allowed to authentically celebrate that! Do the fun dances on TikTok. Go shopping and post your hauls. Show us those client testimonials. I’m here for all the fun stuff and to celebrate all your wins!

Live your best life and share it! Be inspirational with what you do. Be authentic with how you do it. #vibehigh and be unapologetic about it.

You never know who you could be motivating with your amazing self!

Ps - should you ever desire to share the bad days. That’s allowed too.

Cheers to #Monday

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What Is Self-Sabotage?

🛑 The Self-Sabotage!!!

Did you know that self-sabotage is rooted in coping mechanisms you used to help you adapt, get over, or get through painful situations?

Ex: Let's say that as a child you only got attention when you got in trouble - your parents were super angry, but super attentive to you then. Well, obviously, as an adult you know not to purposely make someone mad, but you're still attached to that subconscious pattern, so you sabotage any success by doing things that make people angry (b/c in your mind you think this gets you attention - But that's whats normal to you, so thats what you seek)

This can show up as something as simple as being chronically late. People give grace in the beginning, but if you keep disrespecting their time, eventually they aren't gonna be happy about it. And boom! You sabotaged the relationship, the job, the contract, etc. All because deep down, somewhere in your childhood, you normalized that is the only way to get attention. Seems silly, but that's how it works. Your brain pretty much decided how you were going to show up as an adult before you were out of grade school.

What's so insidious about self-sabotage is that its usually unconscious and passive. People don't even know they are doing it!

When it comes to building a business, you're going to rehash those patterns over and over again. A lot of my clients come to me with questions like:

         *Why do I keep doing this? Or
         *Why does this keep happening to me?

Much of the work I do as a #businesscoach is uncovering those dangerous little self-sabotaging patterns so that hold you back from achieving your #goals.

Because the truth is if there weren't thoughts, patterns and behaviors worth looking at, you would have already achieved them by now!

If you find yourself:

       ❌Blaming others for something not working, or believing the problem is outside of yourself or                   even thinking that your success is predicated on other people
       ❌Walking away because it sounds 'too good to be true'
       ❌Procrastination/perfectionism - these go hand in hand
       ❌Living in Negative self-talk

You may be experiencing your inner self- saboteur. Time to let that person go...he/she no longer serves you. 🤗

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What Do We Know About The Subconscious Mind?

3 things you should probably know about the subconscious.

1. Your subconscious drives 95% of your thoughts, beliefs, & actions. Swipe to see. The subconscious is always creating based on paradigms you have given it. You want a different reality. Change the paradigm.

2. The subconscious doesnt know the difference b/w what you want and what you don't want. It is creating reality purely from the frequency of your DOMINANT thoughts. And those dominant thoughts create emotion (energy in motion). So if you're always thinking about what you don't want, replaying fear based stories and scenarios in your head and feeling it as if it were real, what do you think you will experience in real life? A reflection of that.

Ex. You want to launch a new program, but the dominant thought you have is no one will sign up. Then your #subconscious tells the brain to create that neuropathway. When the brain does that, you start doing things that lead you to support your own belief. Maybe you self sabbotage. Maybe you procrastinate. Maybe you randomly just get sick. Or maybe you overcome that and you do launch but you start seeing evidence and no one actually signs up. Congrats! You created a reality that supported your beliefs.

And this is much of the work i do with my clients. Helping them uncover the subconscious beliefs that dont actually serve them cuz they are causing blocks in business. Happens to all of us.

3. The emotion is the catalyst. If you can focus on feeling what you think the thing you want will cause you to feel - thats the vibe! And your reality has no choice but to support that. Thats just how this works. Quick exercise: write down 3 things you are working towards that you want to experience.

Underneath, write down how you would feel when you experience that thing. #Focus on the feeling! Linger there as long as you can. See it in your mind. Feel it in your heart.

You my friend have just time traveled. You got to it without ever needed to actually get to it. And this is your #God given co-creative #power of the mind at work. The more you do this the faster those neuropathways get built, the faster you get to experience it in real life.

Good work!

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