Could you use a $25,000 business make-over?

Could you use a $25,000 business make over? Great! You're in luck... Keep reading ⬇️

Listen, I know what it's like to bootstrap a business. Been there. But what if you didn't have to?  

@AlphaGraphicsHQ is searching for three community-minded business owners who could benefit most from a $25,000 business makeover. From storefront signage to digital marketing, an @AlphaGraphicsHQ makeover means a complete transformation for a business, bringing brands to life and drawing new customers through the doors.

This could be life changing! More collateral to get more eyeballs on your business is huge.

Plus, I love what the company stands for and how they have this desire to help!

I have a few more deets coming your way about how I've partnered with them in this season. So stay tuned for that. For now, go to the link in my stories to apply! It's freeeee so 🏃🏾‍♀️ run!

Lemme know down below if you plan to enter 😊

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Do You Already Have Your Personal Branding?

Steps to personal branding…let’s go!

1. Find your most most monetizable asset and what industry that falls in.

2. Figure out how to position yourself in your industry of choice. Remember the riches are in the niches.

3. What are you offering to the market? Products? Programs? And figure out price points.

4. Social media and social proof - this is just marketing. You can market however you like. Going social is just one of the fastest ways right now.

5. Work on self concept. This is the most important step. Your mindset determines how far you go.

For more…sign up for my 5-day challenge where i will be giving in depth lessons on each of these steps 🙂

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