FACT: Small-minded people have no business speaking into your life

We ALL know "those people"... 

   🤦🏾‍♀️ The people who think life should be designed in a "logical" way. Ewwww.
   🤦🏾‍♀️ The people who think average, normal, and standard apply to everyone. Yuck.
   🤦🏾‍♀️ The people who live life based on lack and scarcity. Man! How sad.
   🤦🏾‍♀️ The people who have made fear so normal that they don't even recognize how distructive it is. What a terrible way to live.
   🤦🏾‍♀️ The people who think "reality" is a blanket construct that everyone should abide by. Clearly we haven't met - cuz my reality is VERY different than most.
   🤦🏾‍♀️ The people who think they know more about you than you do, more about your calling than you do, more about your life, business, desires, dreams, etc... There is always someone. And they are always 100% wrong.

😢 The sad part is - these people are probably not strangers. They are your partner, best friend, your mom, your pastor, your life coach, your therapist, your dad, your neighbor, your co-worker, your associate at church, etc.

So it's not like you can just cut 'em out. But you can set better boundaries.

Here's what you do:

🛑 Stop talking to these people about your moves. Stop making small talk about your small business. And PLEASE stop talking about your big scary dreams with small minded people. Don't do it!

It will just leave you doubting yourself in the end. 😟

They will always have something negative to say. They will always bring the black cloud. And they will always ☔ rain on your parade and have the nerve to disguise it as the "voice of reason". Um... Just no.

And this is why I love what I do. A huge part of my relationship with my clients is me showing up for them as the antithesis of all the above. I've helped hundreds step into their highest and best, most successful selves.

YOU deserve to have it ALL. People who don't believe that won't experience it. Period! You don't need permission to be who God created you to be. Believe that!

Small minded people have no business speaking into your life. Stop giving them an in.

They are just mad they can't do what you do - which is a whole other discussion on mirrors. Let's save that for a different day.

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Social Media Hack: Increase Your Online Presence

Give more than you get. Seems simple, but...A lot of people don't get this.

See, social media is tricky! To the naked eye, you think that it's all about the person posting the pic.

But the best online influencers know that it's not about them at all! It's always about their followers.

  1. 1
    What do they want to see?
  2. 2
    What do they need to hear?
  3. 3
    How will you show up as a leader in your industry with your expert content to help them?
  4. 4
    Whatever the answer is.
  5. 5
    That's what you post.

Even my lifestyle posts and my pictures of food will offer some kind of insight.
If you're not getting tons of engagement - it could be that you're not GIVING anything worth engaging in.

So... What should you give?

  • Expert advice.
  • Valuable tips.
  • Usable tricks.
  • Authoritative insight.
  • Transformational messages.
  • All the things!

And I know someone is about to ask me - how much is too much? I don't want to give it all away!

You won't.
I mean... If you can give away all of your industry knowledge in an Instagram post, we may need to find you another industry my friend.

So... How will you give today? What can your followers expect to see?

Feel free to promote yourself with a preview down below - maybe it will pique someone's interest!

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10 Things to Know Before You Become an Entrepreneur

10 things to Know Before You Become an Entrepreneur

By Dr. Tracy Timberlake

So you’ve been thinking about doing the whole entrepreneur thing.

I get it.

It’s really enticing, isn’t it?

You see other people bragging on their social media about how much money they make and how they are their own bosses (aka how they don’t have to answer to anyone else or be micromanaged all day, every day.

There are so many things that might attract you to entrepreneurship.

It might be the fact that you can take vacations days whenever you feel like it, sleep in until noon because you know you don’t have to work on anyone else’s timelines or maybe it’s the fact that you can run to pick up your kids from their piano recital in the middle of a work day without having to beg and plead to take your lunch break at a later time. Time freedom and freedom of schedule is one of the biggest benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Or maybe entrepreneurship is calling your name because you don’t want to wait until you’re 65 to see the world. You want to travel to every corner of the earth, tasting delicious food, learning about new cultures and making connections with amazing people.

For some people, it almost seems like a calling… like something they have to do.

Whatever your reason may be for leaving your 9-5 and starting the entrepreneur life, there are a few key things you should know before you get started.

I wanted to put this list together for you because although it may seem like all fun and games from what you may see on social media, I don’t want you to be fooled – most people will only show you their highlight reel.

So if you’re really going to commit to becoming an entrepreneur, I want to make sure you go into with both eyes open and armed with as much knowledge as you can get your hands on.

In my latest video, I am sharing 10 Things to Know Before You Become an Entrepreneur.

Now, this isn’t all of them. Everyone’s journey is going to be unique and you will only learn to navigate the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship once you dive right in.

But for now, this is a pretty solid place to start!

Here’s a recap of what I will be covering in the video


Money is easy mindset is not, you cannot expect everyone to understand.


You have to participate.


Don't underestimate the time it will take to reach your goals, but don't over estimate either.


Learn to trust yourself.


Focus on money making activities first!


You decide the outcome. No one else.


It's always about service. Not sales.


Presentation matters.


Set up your business systems so you're not working 24 hours a day.


Get help.

Check it out and I'd love to know what you think!

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#1 Content Strategy

You’re gonna wanna hit save on this one! #trustme

It’s a content strategy that people rarely ever talk about, but I learned this long ago – as a beauty #vlogger, it’s hasn’t failed me since. And I’m sharing.



Most people didn’t dive into this entrepreneurship thing to be social media managers. I don’t know anyone who has 18 hours a day to create endless captions, snap umpteen selfies, and post till their fingers pop off.⁣

So, what’s an entrepreneur to do?⁣


Let me give you an example – though, if you follow me, especially on multiple platforms, you have seen this a 💯 times.⁣


¬ upload a #youtube video.⁣

¬ share the link on LinkedIn, Facebook Group, Twitter, and Pinterest.⁣

¬ send an email to my VIP list with the link and a little explanation of the video, basically reasons to watch.⁣

¬ tweet out the link 3 more times within the first 48 hours.⁣

¬ create a 30-second trailer for Instagram post it, with captivating thumbnail.⁣

¬ edit a 15 second IG story, and add a swipe up to the video.⁣

¬ post that same 15-second story to Facebook stories and snap chat.⁣

¬ write a blog post for your website (embed YouTube video, it’s good for SEO backlinks).⁣

¬ in a day or two share the link to the blog on all social media platform.⁣

¬ if the video is inspirational, motivational or transformational, capture a quote, create a graphic and schedule it for 3 days after w/ CTA that leads to YT.⁣

¬ go out, live your life cuz you just took 1 piece of content and syndicated the heck out of it. Yay you.⁣

Will people see it multiple times? Maybe, but reach is like a <20% plus if it’s good, it’s good! And your people won’t mind (that’s my “make sure you create good stuff” clause 😉 lol⁣

Have you done this before? Let me know your thoughts are and comment down below…

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Social Story Telling

Social Story Telling Dr. Tracy Timberlake

People think in pictures. So, naturally social media would take off. Scientifically it makes sense. People also love good stories. So when you add that element to your feed, and focus on resonating with your audience you grow much faster.

In 2019 you can't build a personal brand without being a real person. So all your cute #flatlays and #motivationalquotes won't go very far without infusing some of YOU in it!

"omg! I shared my story on Facebook, and got so many DMs!" - a client told me yesterday.

Well yes! Duh! People are people and they wanna know that you're one too.

No matter what industry you're in, if you're not story telling on social, you're missing an incredible opportunity to connect with and impact people. The tides have turned and now the images of you working out are equally as important as the workout itself (I try share mine on IG stories all the time). Not only is it enough for you to speak to on stages, you also need pictures of it too! It's a thing...hence this image of me speaking for a chamber of commerce breakfast 🥣.

So this today, I challenge you to tell a story. What are you doing? Who are you meeting? What are you eating? Something! Value doesn't always come. In the form of 3 tips and how to's. Tell a story. Let people get to know you a little bit. Show them who they're working with! Capture people's attention with thumb stopping 🛑 content. Then... Do it again, and again, and again.

People wanna know you cuz you're so awesome!

PS - if you take my challenge, comment below and tag me in the post so I can learn about you too!

The Reason You are Here

When I was in college, someone told me that if I wanted to live an exciting life, I should learn to listen to the #voiceofGod and do EXACTLY what it says. And the journey began. 

No matter where you are in your life's #journey... Whether you are carping every diem and living your best life now or navigating through storm and struggle to get there, we can settle on the fact that your probably trying to get better (or at least you should be cuz there is more!) First, let's just be clear that there is nothing wrong with you...innately. You are enough. You are loved. You are supported, and all that... But being a teleological creature is an inherent part of the human experience. So don't fight it. Meaning... You will always be working towards purpose, end, goal, or function of which you were designed - ie you are here for a reason. Deny it all you want, there will always be something inside of you that pulls you in the direction of your purpose. Unfortunately, most people suppress it and stay stuck... And so they wake up every morning reliving the same mediocrity of #yesterday.

As a coach, my work is to present a mirror of destiny in front of you and give you the tools that empower you to pursue a life of more meaning & max'd out possibility that I know is in all of us. Yea.. I work with #entrepreneurs mostly, but let's be real, it's always about #personaldevelopment. You can't really build a successful, sustainable #business w/o that component.

I walk my clients through every kind of life issue from how to make a $1,000,000 a year to how to deal with cancer and all kinds of life that can happen in between. The focus is always the business, the brand and the boss behind it. You need to address all three. Always.

Knowing you're meant for more changes the game. It changes everything that contributes to your next level self (income, environment, career, love, #family, relationship with #God). "Life's too short" is repeated often enough to be a cliche, but this time it's true. You don't have enough time to be both unhappy and mediocre. It's not just pointless, it's painful." @sethgodin