Because today I am celebrating some of my clients for their course creation accomplishment!

Whooo hoooo!

On May 17th, I launched the Course Creator's Clinic! It was 5 days of digital course creation to help coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, influencers and industry professionals to create their very own course. 

See, here is what I know. Courses are the wave of the future. This is how people learn! People don't want to go back to school for years just to learn from professors who are book smart about a subject. NO! They want to learn from people who are actually doing the dang thang!

All of the women I am highlighting below have taken their past experiences, education, training. They have used their past hurts and hurdles to create wonderful containers that serve the world!

Whether you are a career woman or an entrepreneur, a mom-to-be or a divorcee, I have some amazing resources to share with you thanks to these wonderful course creators.  

Below you will read all about them and their newly minted courses - hot off the press, ready for registration. If you are struggling with any of the areas, I HIGHLY recommend you sign up for these. I walked them through the entire course creation process, so I know the labor of love it took to launch this into the world. I also know that their curriculum is rock solid and designed to get you RESULTS! None of that fluffy stuff.

Ria Hirsch, Founder of HopeForge

Are-you feeling like your career is at a dead-end? Like you have no direction? Maybe you have tried all of the "logical" steps, but something is still not connecting. Are you looping the same feelings job after job, and you don't know how to change things. In this course, you will learn how to create, understand, and use your life/work stories to direct their careers in the way most meaningful to YOU. Storytelling has the power to change lives and minds, and students who take this course will leave it with a toolkit that they can use in all aspects of their life, not just their career. This course is research-based and uses the science of storytelling, self-understanding, and positive thinking. GET MORE INFO HERE

Angel Knows, Sovereign Storyteller & Book Writing Coach

COURSE: From Wishful to Written

You want to write a book and you've tried, but you find yourself in an endless cycle of starting and stopping. You know you have a story to tell and with strategy, structure and guidance you can get your book finally written. I created this course to help high achieving women ditch the overwhelm, get the idea out of their head and write their book. GET MORE INFO HERE.

Bianca Bellinger, Motherhood Transformation Coach

 Are you a working mom-to-be? Anxious about what to expect and how to balance being a full time professional and a full time mommy? Unsure of how to navigate it all? Then this is for you! A self-directed course that will empower working mom who are expecting/pregnant with strategies, case studies and resources to live your best life while pregnant and to release stress. Upon completion, every mom will be able to reduce stress immediately by applying simple and budget-friendly techniques. Never live another day feeling overwhelmed or that you can't have a healthy, happy and holistic pregnancy as well as birthing experience. GET MORE INFO HERE

Kim Bullock-Hennix, Lifestyle Abundance Coach

This 7-week course is for Entrepreneurial Ambitious Women or Elite Ambitious Women in Leadership roles that have faced obstacles, setbacks, temporary defeat, or a delay in their professional progress. If you are a woman who knows she should be a lot further in life, but you're mentally exhausted, paralyzed by fear of failure, ready to give up, and you have no idea  how to bounce back from this place of pain - then this 7 Week Course is for you! GET MORE INFO HERE.

afya e

Afya Evans, Personal Stylist, Image Consultant & Health Strategist

If you want to be the best, you need to look your best! And I am helping you do that with my new Dress Your Best Style & Image Bootcamp. This is a 21-Day Course for Curvy Career Women & Entrepreneurs who want to boost their confidence & expand their influence. I created this course to help professional women not simply "look nice" but to make an IMPACT. In this 21 days you will learn how to have potential clients, investors & decision-makers saying "YES" to you before they speak a word. GET MORE INFO HERE.

Aleida Lynn, Soul Prosperity Coach

One minute I was a pastor's wife with the ministry, new home and seemly perfect family. The next minute, I'm abandoned and served divorced papers. After experiencing the pain and heartbreak of divorce first-hand and intentionally seeking healing and wholeness I've created Whole & Divorced. This course biblically-based course walks women through the inner-healing process after divorce, helps them grow in self love and live out their life's purpose. GET MORE INFO HERE.