😀 Be intentional about finding your happy... Here are a few things that contribute to mine:

**Seeing my family (especially because none of them live in Florida)

**Quiet nights where I get to turn off all my electronics and just curl up in my bed with a book (#introvert here)

**Spa Days (did you see one of my most recent post?)

**Good food (always!!!) And last, but certainly not least knowing that I am living life on purpose and doing what I know I have been put here to do makes me incredibly happy - like school girl giddy, high pitched squeak, jumping up and down kind of happy.

I ❤️ what I do. On Saturday, I got to share some of my industry insight and know-how as a speaker on a Power Panel at @AlyciaHuston's Transcend LeadHERship Conference in #Atlanta. Those are always fun!!! 

The fact that my life's work is to contribute to the growth of others. Its a dream...and an honor! One I don't take for granted.

70% of Americans are unhappy (according to the American Happiness Index). Mostly because they have been forced to live someone else's version of what their life should look like. You don't have to be one of those people! Be the outlier that decides to live joyfully - as you were meant to!