If it were easy, everyone would be out here living their best lives now.

But... Clearly, the vast majority are not. Most people settle. They settle for "well, this life/job/person/weight/whatever is good enough." Good enough? Ew.

See here is the problem, people like to conduct experiments with their lives and not get down to the nitty gritty of decision making.

We want something, but it's too hard, too expensive, too time consuming, etc... We don't go all in because well, going all in is scary. And out fear of the unknown is much stronger than our faith. 
So... Because of this fear, we find out selves having back up plans to our true purpose. We kick around the tires instead of just making a choice. We try things out, never fully committed, and the minute it gets uncomfortable we peace out. ✌🏽 Heres the reality: your vision will require a gutt check.


To get what you want, you're gonna need to do what you've never done.

To get what you want, you're gonna need to do what you've never done. You are going to need to become something you have never been. And then... And only then... Can this make manifest. 

So, how uncomfortable are you willing to get?

Because if there's a limit, then you may wanna rethink this desire of yours.
Theres a drastic difference in how you operate when you simply want something vs when you DECIDE to actually have it.
I've been meditating a lot the theology of desire and Psalm 37:4, and remembering that God gives you the desires of your heart AND God gives you the desires of your heart... Yes its a double entendre... Let that settle for a sec.