Are you overwhelmed by your life?

This has been on my heart for quite some time now. Because i have heard it so much from clients "I'm soooo overwhelmed!" I get it. So many things to do, when it seems like there is no time to do it.

First of all, thats an illusion. There is plenty of time. Often, time management skills are whats lacking. Not time itself. 
Second, lets break the science of this down as to why being "overwhelmed" is awful for literally shrinks your brain! Specifically, the prefrontal cortex.

...sociology says you're not that busy. You just think you are.

Third, sociology says you're not that busy. You just think you are. Thats what sociologist John Robinson tells us. He has been studying time use for decades and he found that Americans are actually LESS productive than ever - given the same amount of work hours.

The overwhelm is actually caused by being mentally drained from switching between too many activities (email, tv, making dinner, email again, etc) + multitasking is what is hurting us. And heres the kicker...multitasking doesn't even work! You're less efficient, less productive, less creative.

Science shows us that no 2 tasks can be done with 100% precision when you are doing them at the same time.

And yet people like to appear busy doing stuff! They love to seem like they are doing sooooo much, like its some sort of status symbol.

Well, I think the opposite to be true. The fact that I can leave for weeks at a time and bop around the french riviera while still running a successful business is the status symbol. I think the fact that its 9am, and the majority of people my age are sitting in rush hour traffic while I am still comfortably in my pajamas drinking tea with no where to go is the status symbol (plus my bed is really comfy🀣) Don't get it twisted. Busy does not equal success! Doing what you want, when you want without guilt that the ball will drop, thats what you should strive for!

You get to create any life you desire. Why not create one you love❀

And this is why I'm hosting a special training for my PLATFORM clients to address this very thing - using time to effectively get to where you wanna go without feeling like you are a slave to it, because the feeling of overwhelm is not cool!