Social Story Telling Dr. Tracy Timberlake

People think in pictures. So, naturally social media would take off. Scientifically it makes sense. People also love good stories. So when you add that element to your feed, and focus on resonating with your audience you grow much faster.

In 2019 you can't build a personal brand without being a real person. So all your cute #flatlays and #motivationalquotes won't go very far without infusing some of YOU in it!

"omg! I shared my story on Facebook, and got so many DMs!" - a client told me yesterday.

Well yes! Duh! People are people and they wanna know that you're one too.

No matter what industry you're in, if you're not story telling on social, you're missing an incredible opportunity to connect with and impact people. The tides have turned and now the images of you working out are equally as important as the workout itself (I try share mine on IG stories all the time). Not only is it enough for you to speak to on stages, you also need pictures of it too! It's a thing...hence this image of me speaking for a chamber of commerce breakfast πŸ₯£.
So this today, I challenge you to tell a story. What are you doing? Who are you meeting? What are you eating? Something! Value doesn't always come. In the form of 3 tips and how to's. Tell a story. Let people get to know you a little bit. Show them who they're working with! Capture people's attention with thumb stopping πŸ›‘ content. Then... Do it again, and again, and again.

People wanna know you cuz you're so awesome!

PS - if you take my challenge, comment below and tag me in the post so I can learn about you too!