In this episode we are talking about Kim Kardashian's journey to attorney!!!

Your initial reaction to that say a great deal about personal branding and success. 

How so, Dr. TT? Let me explain. 

One of the biggest judgements against the entire Kardashian clan is that they are famous for... Nothing. 

It doesn't appear that they had to pay any kind of dues to skyrocket to fame. The patriarch of the family was on OJ Simpson's legal team, Kim was one of Paris Hilton BFF's and she had a leaked sex tape with a B List singer... and that was enough of a catalyst to skyrocket the family into the public eye. 

Sprinkle in Kris Jenner's instinct, strategy, and good timing and the Kardashians are an American staple with an empire that amasses to over $1.7 Billion - (one billion being Kyle's alone). 

Cue eye roll.

But alot of people (I'd venture to say most people) aren't happy about it. There is this judgment attached to the family that they got famous and rich and didn't have to work for it... 

But let's call this what it truly is. They didn't have to work for it in a way that satisfies us. Their path to success seemed to be paved with gold. They get to be well known and wealthy for just being themselves and we don't like it. Take a look at some of these IG responses to Kim's new found project lawyer path. 

We think success should come on the heels of back breaking labor, years of paying our dues, and a series of failures first! 

And if that's your version of success, if that's how you think it should be achieved, then don't be surprised if that's your experience. 

What the Kardashians did, and did very well is called PROFITABLE PERSONAL BRANDING (TM)!!! 

The thing that everyone says they want. Making money by being YOU! Doing all the things you love, creating all the things you desire to create, living the life you want to live. 

And here it is, executed to near perfection - and oh wait! They didn't work hard enough for it. They should have to do it like everyone else. If not, then it's not valid. 

For the record, the Kardashians work! None of that 1.7 bil is inherited. They have make up lines, endorsement contracts, clothing brands, modeling gigs, etc. They actually have to do stuff to get paid. The difference is they only do stuff they like. 

What a novel idea! 

It's all innovation and execution while living life in the public eye (how many of Us would be able to handle that kind of scrutiny?) 

And Kim K's new legal journey is perfectly normal in the state of California btw. It's one of the only states that do not require you to go to law school before sitting for the bar. It does require that you have a legal apprenticeship for a period of time beforehand though - which is exactly what she's doing! 

She's not the first person to do this lol. It's actually a normal thing. And props to her for finding a way to achieve a goal that works for her and her family. 

Moral of the story: if you're judging the Kardashians because their version of success doesn't include the struggle bus story, then you don't understand what personal branding is all about. 7 year olds are making a million dollars a year on Youtube. Are we mad at them too? Should a 7 year old be required to struggle to get ahead? 

Let me offer up a different narrative. 

  1. What if it were that easy? 
  2. What If it wasn't supposed to be a struggle? 
  3. What you could be yourself and make money for it?

Because that's what I'm ALL about. Making money by being YOU. monetizing your gifts, your talents, your desires! 

No uphill battle required. 

Doesn't that sound so much better? 

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