I've been having a lot of conversations with clients on visibility lately. It's interesting how many narratives we create around why we aren't showing up, why we don't want to be on social media, or why we keep ourselves hidden.

1. It's always just fear.
You have got to let go of the whole "I like to be private"narrative. Privacy and visibility 2 completely separate things. You can be private and still show up. You get to control the narrative. No one is telling you you have to share your whole life on social media. I certainly don't.

Please please please.... Be honest with yourself. It has nothing to do with privacy. Figure out what you're actually afraid of... At least once that's in consciousness you can do the work to clear it. But let's learn to tell ourselves the truth from now on ok?

2. Social media is not a weapon formed against you. 
It's actually a tool. You have the opportunity to impact MILLIONS of people. It's here to help you reach you highest levels of service. Up to you whether you want to participate. But it's here, it's desiged FOR YOU to use as a tool.

3. The question of how often do I need to post - everyone asks, no one likes the answer. 
Everyday! Depending on your goals and how far along you are with them...You should post everyday. You should show up everyday. You should be visible everyday. You need to not hide everyday. Thats the answer. Again, the choice is yours.

Those of influence do things that affect the culture and context of the people they are trying to reach. How blessed we are to have social platforms that allow us to do this with more ease.

Can you imagine what it was like decades ago when people had to go door to door to do this stuff?! So glad that's not our testimony 😂

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