BEST Clients In The World!!!

When I tell you I have the best clients in the world...

I got this huge box in the mail and had no idea what could possibly be inside!

I opened it to find all these goodies!

First of all, they know me so well! Because this is my FAVORITE luggage color of all time!

I’ve actually been looking for a leather duffle just like this one and haven’t found one I liked. But I am obsessed with this! It’s perfect!!!

And all of the platform memorabilia is just the love on top.

I love love love my clients so much. They really do become like family to me! I feel so blessed to have each and every one of them in my life. And never take for granted how much they trust me in this season as I help them build their life’s dream!

So thank you to @drarlonda @themonicalove @shinesemcollins @scottie_wins @friendscallmefe @shannonlfelder @tammi_tarrelle @drkristenguillory @michellewfuqua @dr.lauravanderson_r2rlc @cwright375 @sherrellmarie1 @denisejonell @marlenebphillip @shavannahspeaks @pammccray1 @drjazzyfit @coach_lockmarie cameo and Chiquita @holyghost_homegirls @ky_crook_on_purpose

Love you all so much and my prayer is that your generosity returns to you a billion fold! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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Reach Your Financial Freedom in 2021…

Stop sideyeing this!I heard a wealthy man say that his goal in life is to acquire as much debt as possible.How does that even make sense?He is an investor and goes to banks and asks how much they will loan him.Obvi, he has a system that creates ROI on the money he borrows, but you need to get this, and get this FAST – the mindset piece comes FIRST!I am not advocating you go rack up debt. We know what the bible says. I am saying that we don’t have to judge the word like it’s the big bad. Even though many of us were told that.We have listened to irresponsible financial teachers tell us that our priority should be to get out of debt as quickly as possible.That if you want to be free from financial burden, you should get a 2nd job at Applebee’s to pay it off as quickly as possible. Good Lord, I have so much to say about how TERRIBLE this advice is, but I will save that.The truth is, being debt free is not true freedom if you haven’t fixed the underlying $ mindset problems of fear, lack, & scarcity.Plus, I don’t trust ppl that gets richer off teaching you how to stay in a poor mindset with fear-based tactics that perpetuate an unhealthy, almost abusive relationship with money.You can be debt free and terrified to spend money b/c you think it’s going to run out. You can still have no idea how to save more than a few hundred dollars and you can be still clueless about how to stack yo’ paper to make more.Debt, by itself is not inherently bad. You just decided to make installments. It doesn’t have to come with a side of judgment.There is no such thing as good or bad debt. So stop assigning guilt and shame to it.

The debt isn’t the problem, the mindset around money is. Fix that FIRST! As a matter of fact, once your beliefs around $$$ shifts, debt usually shifts too!

Sometimes, $$$ starts to somehow appear “out of nowhere” cuz you shifted.What if you believed God actually wanted you to be debt free AND have overflow (because He does).What if you believed $ was fully available to you and you’re allowed to have it?Let’s explore that!Masterclass starts at 6:00 pm.

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MONEY Mindset for 2021!!!

🚫 Don't go into 2021 with a 2020 mindset.

As you start thinking about 2021 I hope you are doing it with strong intention. Decide what you want to experience. Be clear. Be committed. We aren't going into a new year with a "you get what you get" attitude. Ewww!

I am not a fan of settling. You shouldn't be either.

Hear me when I say, allowing yourself to be empowered around money is a BIG deal!

Your money mindset, financial health and wealth is a BIG deal!

Trusting yourself to make money, spend money, invest money and be generous with money is a BIG deal!

Living in a reality where generating money from ease and flow is a BIG deal!

Learning how money is a tool used to support you is a BIG deal!

I want you to experience the freedom of this understanding, the empowerment that comes with a mindset makeover and to reenvision a reality where you have a completely healthy relationship with money, debt, spending, saving, earning, etc.

Leave behind any lack. Say goodbye to any scarcity. Kick any fear you have to the curb and start to believe in the possibility and the Truth that God is always doing a new thing!

You were born to expand! The reason why being stuck doesn't feel good is because 'stuck' was never what you were created to be!

So, as you close the chapter on this year, I want you to intentionally open yourself up to a new one, a better one, a more expansive one!

One of my favorite questions to ask myself is "What do I intend to manifest moving forward?"

So, what's your intention?

Today is a good day to ask yourself that and then sign up for the Masterclass.

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