Social Media Hack: Increase Your Online Presence

Give more than you get. Seems simple, but...A lot of people don't get this.

See, social media is tricky! To the naked eye, you think that it's all about the person posting the pic.

But the best online influencers know that it's not about them at all! It's always about their followers.

  1. 1
    What do they want to see?
  2. 2
    What do they need to hear?
  3. 3
    How will you show up as a leader in your industry with your expert content to help them?
  4. 4
    Whatever the answer is.
  5. 5
    That's what you post.

Even my lifestyle posts and my pictures of food will offer some kind of insight.
If you're not getting tons of engagement - it could be that you're not GIVING anything worth engaging in.

So... What should you give?

  • Expert advice.
  • Valuable tips.
  • Usable tricks.
  • Authoritative insight.
  • Transformational messages.
  • All the things!

And I know someone is about to ask me - how much is too much? I don't want to give it all away!

You won't.
I mean... If you can give away all of your industry knowledge in an Instagram post, we may need to find you another industry my friend.

So... How will you give today? What can your followers expect to see?

Feel free to promote yourself with a preview down below - maybe it will pique someone's interest!


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