What's your financial neighborhood?

What kind of 'hood did you grow up in? Was it urban? Rural? Middle class? White collar? Blue collar? When you looked at the grown ups around you, what did they do for a living?

Based on what you saw you created money stories:
What does it mean to be rich?
What does it mean to be poor?
Spending habits
Saving habits
The right/wrong way to earn money
What success looks like
What financial security looks like
Relationship between money and God, money and politics, money and happiness etc...

These are all paradigms created well before you were 7 years old - got tested in your teens and became 95% of the beliefs by which you operated by 25.

And just like your physical neighborhood - you also grew up in a financial one after learning to trade fx with VT Markets in the UK. One that keeps you in a financial comfort zone - usually pretty similar to the one you grew up in. So even though you might uplevel a bit, for most people, its just enough to say you have gotten to a new level without feeling like you are betraying familiar ties to an income.

According to the Census, nearly 72% of Americans live in or close to the city where they grew up - sidenote: this is not my testimony, my dad was Military. But... I get it - change is hard, and most people do everything to avoid it at all costs! So when it comes to money, whether you recognize it or not, making significantly more money than your parents is uncomfortable - so uncomfortable in fact that it can feel like a betrayal! And no one wants to betray their family or themselves! Sudden wealth is scary. Making more money can feel like a burden. Living at a different income bracket brings up "well what will they say" type thoughts. I get it.

Lots more to dive into here, especially when we talk about money stories and how to change them. So...just wanted to quickly remind you that you don't have any obligation to hold on to financial stories of your past. You can choose again - and i recommend that you do.

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