Where do you get your best ideas?

Let me guess... It's not when you're sitting there working hard to come up with it.

There's lots of science behind this of course. The different parts of the brain that activate work vs creativity, the cognitive dissonance that happens with goal setting, the frequency of work as explained by quantum physics...i can go on, but i don't want to bore you.

The point is, how often do you see the MOST successful people struggling to come up with whats next? Probably never. It seems like they are never out if profitable ideas.

You will however see them on vacation in Tahiti, or skiing in Aspen, or even just lounging around with their dog. Why? Because they have been in the game long enough to know that the freshest of ideas come from a place of play...not a place of work.

You actually have to engage with your own ideas people!

Yes, @Beyonce knows she has to come up with ideas for her next album. She's not cooped up in a cave somewhere trying to inspire herself. She's living her life and letting the inspiration come when it comes. And when it does...she acts (thats a BIG part of this. You actually have to engage with your own ideas people! Don't just sit on 'em). I have a hard rule. Look at life/business like it's fun. When I feel like I'm working too hard and it stops being fun, i step away and find fun somewhere else. I go on a trip (headed to Paris next!), I go shopping, i throw a one person dance party... anything to get my vibration back to where it needs to be to create and show up for my clients.
And so it is with you. Take time to reconnect. Breathe into the ease and flow of fun, whatever that looks like for you.

So, where are you right now? Fun and flow or struggling in your hustling?