Personal congruency & the Pygmalion Effect (PE)

PE is a phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to an increase in performance. meaning, you expect better, you get better? Easy right? Not quite... Because most people's expectations of themselves are extremely low when you break them down to the nitty gritty. This is why so many of you struggle with fear and doubt. Instead of expecting success, you half expect to fail. You expect your investments to tank. You expect your businesses to be broke. You expect entrepreneurship to be hard and a struggle (PS - its not) and people to laugh at every picture you post on Instagram!

This is soooo harmful! Take a look at how incongruent that is with your desired outcome! Do you want to fail? Do you want to be broke? Do you want life to be hard? Probably not.

Then why is that the default expectation?

Answer: cuz expectations are generally governed by historical data...and herein lies the problem! Generally, historical data is innocuous until you assign meaning to it. But.. sometime, in history past, you saw all of what you were expecting fleshed out. Sometimes in yourself. Sometimes in your mom or your dad. Sometimes in your favorite teacher, or aunt, or uncle, or Godmother.

You overheard a conversation that said money was hard to come by (my experience), or that you couldn't do this or that because people who looked like you, who grew up with your background, in your neighborhood, just don't.

And you took all of that data, shoved it in your brain and self imposed all these "facts" on yourself.

If you keep doing that, will keep getting the same results.

You have to learn to see the world through the lens you desire, not the lens you have experienced.

You have to learn to see the world through the lens you desire, not the lens you have experienced. Then...act in favor of personal congruency! 

So here is my personal challenge to you: for 24 hours, expect what you want...what you really and truly want. Start small, like with good parking spaces. When doubt creeps in, acknowledge it, but then let it go. It no longer serves you. Report back! Ready? Set? Go!