How to Look Successful on Social Media

How to Look Successful on Social Media

Let’s talk about how to take the best social media profile picture. When it comes to social media you may have heard tips like:

  • Use hashtags
  • Create consistent social media content
  • Know your niche
  • Be on brand

All of those are important but…did you know that social media success actually starts with your profile pic?

This video is inspired by a study that I read in the journal of psychological science:

 Rule, N. O., & Ambady, N. (2008). The Face of Success: Inferences From Chief Executive Officers’ Appearance Predict Company Profits. Psychological Science, 19(2), 109–111.…

Now – before you get all up in arms about it, this has nothing to do with attractiveness or unattractiveness, face symmetry or all that. Psychologically people look at your BOSS picture and assess whether you are powerful, capable, can you deliver what you claim to deliverWe can all agree that first impressions on social media are incredibly important.

As an entrepreneur, a leader, and influencer a public figure your profile matter a great deal according to this article. Here is what they did in the study – they took 100 college students and gave them pictures of CEOS from different fortune 1000 companies.

They didn’t give them any other detail – no names, no companies just the pictureJust based off of the pictures alone, the participants were able to gauge which of those CEOS were the most successful .

This is why as a #boss its so important to have the right picture. So let me give you 3 tips on how to take the best social media profile. Check the video below and tell me if you think you hit the nail on the head, or if its time for a new photoshoot 🙂 

Talk soon!

6 Reasons Why You Need a Side Hustle

6 Reasons Why You Need a Side Hustle

Ok, its about to be 2019... So, if you have been thinking about starting your side hustle, there is no time like the present! As as matter of fact, I think side hustles are becoming a necessity! And here's why:

  • Cost of living is going up, but wages are not. This is a problem. It may get to the point where you can't afford your lifestyle with your regular 9-5. Not cool! Having a side hustle, keeps you living your best life 🙂 

  • Supply and Demand. More people are entering the workforce, but less people are retiring. You do the math.
  • Increase hourly rate. If you have an area of specialized interest, you can typically charge more per hour with a service based side hustle. This is a good thing!

  • Passion. You get the opportunity to express yourself in a different way! One in which you may not have been able to in a traditional job. 

  • Test the Waters. If you are thinking about entrepreneurship, but aren't ready to jump fully in, having a side hustle lets you kick the tires around a bit. 

  • Happier overall. Studies like this one show that entrepreneurs are typically happier than plain ole employees. Worth exploring if you ask me.

    I explain much more in the video, so i recommend you check it out. And then let me you have a side hustle? Thinking about one? Tell me! Tell me!

  • Why You Should NEVER Fall Asleep with the TV On

    Why You Should NEVER Fall Asleep with the TV On

    Here is a habit that you may have not known was detrimental: sleeping with the TV on, or having it on for background noise period! Let me explain…

    I am back for another installment of Habits that are Keeping Your Stuck, and How to Fix Them. This time we are talking about TV. I have known a lot of people who love to keep the TV on in the background, just ‘cause they need a little white noise. Seriously, I knew friends in college who would do this while studying, and I never understood that!

    I get that our brains operate differently, and some of us prefer having sounds in the background (not me. I actually love silence). But having the TV on can feed you with negative stuff that you may not even realize is affecting you.

    Sure you can listen to the morning traffic report while you make your AM cup of joe, but you are also getting all of the bad stuff too! All of last nights shootings, and yesterdays robberies. So many things that are subconsciously programming us with fear and anxiety. And this is how we are starting our day! That’s nuts!

    I talk more about it in the video BELOW, and give you some tips on how to overcome it as well and what you can do alternatively. Things can that can give you that white noise you seek., but feed your spirit and mind as well!

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    Talk soon, 

    Dr. TT

    Do You Need New Friends?

    Do You Need New Friends?

    You might have heard it said that you are the average of the 5 people that you hang around the most. But you gotta ask yourself...

    Is that a good thing? Or a bad thing?

    I started a new series on my channel called HABITS THAT ARE KEEPING YOU STUCK AND HOW TO FIX THEM. Mostly, this is a response to the people who have asked me all of the "how to do become successful" type of questions.

    I find that all successful people like Oprah, Steve Jobs, The Obamas, Beyonce, Ellen...they all have the same habits and traits. Conversely, those who struggle to find success have the same habits and traits as well, and this series is addressing those. Some of the habits that keep you stuck are habits you may be completely unaware of! So, hopefully this new series sheds some light on those and gives you some practical, tactical tips on how to overcome them and develop ones that serve you are your success much better!

    Checkout out the full video down below, then let me know if you feel like you are in the right circle...or...if you feel like its time to make some new friends. 

    Talk soon, 

    Dr. TT