The Lone Wolf

Ever feel like the lone wolf?

Entrepreneurship is awesome. But...let's not get it twisted. There are sides that often don't get talked about. People love to publicize excitement, the lavish lifestyle, the freedom, etc. And for those of us who get to experience that, it's AH-MAZING. I can't lie about that part. However the exciting parts of entrepreneurship are often portrayed by the ones who are successful at it. 

The truth is, for every 1 entrepreneur who finds success, there are 9 others who are struggling in silence trying to make it. Thinking that they cant tell anyone because no one will understand.

They often feel separated/disconnected to the ppl around them because a VERY small % of people in their real lives get it. If they show an ounce of hardship, someone is going to say "why don't you just get a real job?!" Right...cuz thats the answer🤦🏾‍♀️ Often times, the ridicule, judgement and discouragement comes from their own loved ones.

So, they feel a need to be perfectly put together all the time 'cuz struggle would render them weak & unsuccessful, inviting more side comments.

All of that, coupled w/ the responsibility of building the business, its a lot!

“Some people want to be entrepreneurs; some people have to be entrepreneurs.” 

- Dr. D. Stillwell, University of Cambridge

What people don't understand is that “Some people want to be entrepreneurs; some people have to be entrepreneurs.” Dr. D. Stillwell, University of Cambridge

Because nothing else will be fulfilling enough, challenging enough, purpose driven enough, etc. You only get it, if you get it.

For those of you who do feel isolated. I see you. I hear you. I am with you. 4 things that may help:

  1. Don't give your power away. Only you know the vision you were given. Stop taking advice from people who are projecting their own doubts and fears on you. It's their stuff, not yours.
  2. Find community (ie, make new friends). There are people that get it! And over 5,000 in my A-List Entrepreneurs FB group. Feel free to join us!
  3. Don't overthink it. Just do. Spend more time operating in favor of your desired outcome. You will have less time to doubt.
  4. Get support. No one said you had to do this by yourself. People have gone before you so they can teach/support you! Be a smart person. Work with them!

When I Work Out, Everything Else Does!

Say it with me...
"When I workout, everything else does!"

Some people HATE working out. Which I don't really understand, I get it. Aside from the fact that it relieves stress, helps you sleep better, increases creativity, clears your mind, relieves anxiousness, and just helps you stay healthy overall, heres the reason why I think every entrepreneur should invest time in a healthy exercise regime:

The power of habit (if you haven't read that book, I highly suggest it btw). When you understand that consistency compounds and small successes are the building blocks of big wins're on your way! Habits become normalized, and when those habits are geared in the right direction, you teach your brain that it's a natural process of success. If you can do it with working out. You can do it with anything.

"How you do one thing is how you do everything."

I truly believe that. If you are inconsistent in one area of life, you can probably find other areas where thats the case as well (I've coached enough people to justify that statement). Having said that, expansion is never an isolated incident, so when you expand in one area, you will likely see growth in other areas as well. And that is the good news!

I had a big day today... and my brain is reeling 87,000 miles a minute. I know if I try to wind down, it's just not gonna happen. So, for me, the best way to release all this pent up energy is to hit the gym. Plus, my body likes movement. It's what it's made for.

Btw, if you are not a gym person, there's tons of other things you can do. Swimming, dancing, playing a sport, or even going on a hike is great! When you workout, everything else will too! 😉

Where Fresh Ideas Come From…

Where do you get your best ideas?

Let me guess... It's not when you're sitting there working hard to come up with it.

There's lots of science behind this of course. The different parts of the brain that activate work vs creativity, the cognitive dissonance that happens with goal setting, the frequency of work as explained by quantum physics...i can go on, but i don't want to bore you.

The point is, how often do you see the MOST successful people struggling to come up with whats next? Probably never. It seems like they are never out if profitable ideas.

You will however see them on vacation in Tahiti, or skiing in Aspen, or even just lounging around with their dog. Why? Because they have been in the game long enough to know that the freshest of ideas come from a place of play...not a place of work.

You actually have to engage with your own ideas people!

Yes, @Beyonce knows she has to come up with ideas for her next album. She's not cooped up in a cave somewhere trying to inspire herself. She's living her life and letting the inspiration come when it comes. And when it does...she acts (thats a BIG part of this. You actually have to engage with your own ideas people! Don't just sit on 'em). I have a hard rule. Look at life/business like it's fun. When I feel like I'm working too hard and it stops being fun, i step away and find fun somewhere else. I go on a trip (headed to Paris next!), I go shopping, i throw a one person dance party... anything to get my vibration back to where it needs to be to create and show up for my clients.
And so it is with you. Take time to reconnect. Breathe into the ease and flow of fun, whatever that looks like for you.

So, where are you right now? Fun and flow or struggling in your hustling?

The Concept of OVERTHINKING!

This hat says it all... I want to talk about an epidemic plaguing aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere... This concept of OVERTHINKING.

Science says that overthinking is actually a form of anxiety. Here are just some of the symptoms it can cause:

❌stress, worry 



❌the worst one of all - inability to make moves (which, for an entrepreneur, is deadly!)

Overthinking is actually just distracting you from doing the thing you should be doing to get to where it is you want to go.

You want to create a course? Launch a program? Get new clients? Write a book? Speak on a stage? Move to Bali? Buy a new Chanel? Just do it! The thinking and thinking and thinking some more is taking away extremely valuable time that you cannot get back. Time that you can use for something else, something more worthwhile. Something more serving to the world and others. Wrestling with your own thoughts (especially by yourself) is the WORST thing you can do (thats what coaches are for - at least talk to one of them so they can help you process). Im sure you are just bursting at the seams with new ideas!

Having tons of ideas is well and good. It's one of my favorite parts of entrepreneurship actually - this stream of never-ending ideas and possibility. Interestingly, this concept can make people very successful or very stuck.

Stop trying to think about step #17 when you haven't even taken step #1 yet. Thats already approaching this from the wrong angle. Instead, focus on the big picture and trust that God will lead you to the right subsequent steps along the way.

You will never have all the right answers.
You will never know everything.
You will never NOT be surprised by something unexpected (surprises can be good!) As the #chineseproverb states, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. 
Start there.

So, my question is are you overthinking it? And if so, what are you willing to do to stop letting it hinder your progress?