Cashing in like Kylie – 3 More Lessons in Personal Branding

Cashing in like Kylie – 3 More Lessons in Personal Branding

*Image is still from Kylie's Office Tour Video  

Ok folks - its time for another lesson in personal branding, and its coming from Billionaire #BossBabe Kylie Jenner. I peruse the internet daily...yes its my job, but even more than that, I like it. Its a millennial thing, I get it. So, as I was scrolling through TikTok - part of my nightly routine - I saw someone post a little snippet of Kylie Jenner going in to wake up her daughter Stormi. When she entered the room, she happened to casually sing a little ditty "rise and shine." Totally made up. Totally spontaneous. 

Well, as per usj...the internet was all over it. Memes popped up all over the place! People were doing remixes, they were sharing it on TikTok (how I found it), and Arianna Grande even shot Kylie a message asking if she could sample it. 

Kylie, being the business woman she is, said YES to ALL the things! Yes to the sampling, yes to the viral memes, and yes to owning the fact that a casual 3 word phrase is now a part of her personal brand. Oh! But I am not done. She quickly got her design team on it and now has Rise and Shine Hoodies on

Can we say #bossmoves? So, let's get to some tangibles we can learn from this.

Lesson 1: CEO's Recognize Opportunity

And this what a CEO does. They see opportunity for the business and the brand to expand, and they ride the wave. They cash in. They monetize that which is available to monetize RIGHT NOW!

Conversely, I have seen lots of celebrities in the same viral position who have NOT been quick to understand how virality and cashflow work.

In today's digital world, your ability to see the path to profit matters! Further, its not just seeing it, its monetizing it. So...for you reading this, take notes my friends! This is how its done. 

Lesson 2: CEOS's Take Action FAST!

This is a simple conversation of arbratge. Who knows what the true lifespan of the memes would be. Not the point, #TeamKylie is taking full advantage and controlling the narrative. And they did it FAST! SHE is now in control, not the internet.

Lesson 3: CEO's Have the Right People in Play

To be fair, who knows whos idea it was to monetize this whole sitch. If it wasn't Kylie herself, well she has some stellar people on her team - they know the brand and they have vision. Well done!

It could be time for you to stop sitting on the sidelines and start warming up to get in the game! Because time is ticking, and you're likely leaving lots of money on the table.

If we need to have a conversation to get you going in the right direction - you know how to find me! 

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Social Sidenotes Episode 7: 15 Reasons Why Your Business isn’t Making Consistent Cashflow

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Did you know that there are over 27 million people starting businesses in America. this is a record high! Never has there ever been this many people starting businesses and jumping into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship

And it is wonderful don’t get me wrong – and there are so many amazing reasons to start a business now.

I can list the benefits – we all know ‘em, the financial freedom, the be your own boss, the purpose driven call to create.

I love it all – but lets be honest the truth of the matter, the majority of these businesses won’t see themselves past the first 12 months.

And we all know the stats.

Entrepreneurship in the 21st century is very low barrier to entry – which is terrific! For this reason, I recommend that everyone – doesn’t matter if you love your corporate 9-5 gig or not, everyone should have something side hustle-is…

But let me actually get to the topic at hand…if you are beyond side hustle stage and you are wanting to be full fledged, full time in your business, and you have tried it but its not really bringing in all of the cash flow that expected i want take a look at that.

I’m going to give you 15 reasons why your business may not be getting to the consistent cash flow and some tips on how to fix it.

But first, I want to invite you to a something super cool that I am participating in. The Success Shortcuts Summit!

This is so relevant to this conversation because inside of this free summit you are going to hear from not just me but we are talking … dozens of successful entrepreneurs – Les brown one of the worlds top motivational speakers, Michael Gerber the worlds #1 small businesses guru, nest selling author Daven Michaels, John Lee Dumas, host of entrepreneur on fire one of the worlds top entrepreneur podcasts, etc.

And of course yours truly. We are literally giving you all of the goods in this thing…making money, keeping money, mindset, sales trainings, success shortcuts! CLICK HERE to sign up! because it starts October 14

Ok…now back to the topic at hand. Reasons why your business may not be bringing in the big bucks! If you really want to boost the sales you make, start by reading this blog post about the best products to sell on amazon fba.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients at this point, and over 10,000 people have taken my online courses and trainings so…I’ve seen a lot!

When someone comes to me with a cash flow problem in their business its likely going to be one of these things. These are in no particular order:

  1. Your positioning is off.
  2. You’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the product, but not the sales and marketing strategy.
  3. You are showing up as a catchall, a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.
  4. You are doing the most!
  5. You don’t take your business seriously.
  6. You’re content is not good.
  7. You aren’t giving enough value up front.
  8. You don’t have a true path to profit.
  9. Too focused on sales, not enough focus on relationship building
  10. You are underestimating the process
  11. You’re letting your doubts get the best of you
  12. You are in the wrong environment
  13. You don’t have a good relationship with money
  14. You are worried about the wrong thing.
  15. Not investing in the right things.

I dive into each of these in this episode – do you get lots of nuggets here! Take a listen, and shoot me an email to let know where you are needing the most help!