God’s Grace Gets to Fill in the Gaps

Wanted to drop in and give a little more than 2200 characters about this. So here we are.
But I've had this written on a post-it note next to my desk for years. It reminds me that i really can't do it all. And I'm not supposed to. 

As an entrepreneur, as a CEO, we often carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.

I think we have glorified this whole hustle culture, and if you know me, you know that im all for showing up. 

I set high goals for myself, and then I do my best to sit back and just listen. Because whatever the big scary goal is.. 1 i didn't give it to myself and therefore 2, i cant accomplish it myself. 

My job is the showing up piece. It's doing what i feel called to do when i feel called to do it. It's taking the divinely inspired action every day - sometimes that divinely inspired action is rest, btw... But that's a topic for another day. 

But once I've done that, once I've taken inventory of what I'm called to do and then I do it... God kind of gets to take care of the rest.

The issue is, we have a hard time doing that.

If you're a high achiever you know what I mean.
You're used to doing it all.
You're used to being the strong one.
You're used to not needing help.

You built an entire identity around it and then created so many walls around yourself.. Such a fortress... That anytime you're put in a position where you actually need to lean in this concept of God filling in the gap, it feels like unwanted subjugation. Basically, we left God out in favor of our own power and might and get bent out of shape when God actually wants to show up for us.

How do I know? Cuz I've had many a come Jesus moments about control issues i never thought I owned. 

Seriously, I don't feel like people who know me we would say I'm a control freak. I have high standards. I am clear on what i want. But i don't think i generally try to control the outcome. 

But I have learned that we all are in some capacity: Control freaks. We all feel like i need to do it, I have to do it, I should be doing it, I   I   I!

The issue there is its doesn't leave much room for God to do what God does. 
Lots of room for you tho. It's an ego boost to know you did it all. And when it doesn't go as planned it also gives you a reason to blame and judge yourself. 

The truth is, statistically, it shouldn't make sense for me to be where I am - single parent home of an immigrant mom, black, woman... On paper, we aren't really batting 500 here.

But God's grace filling in the gaps supersedes all of that. It's the stuff that shows up when it seems like everything I am doing is wrong and yet it works out anyway.

God's grace is the element that takes it to the next level even when the work I put in (or didn't put in for that matter) is insufficient.

God's grace is filling in the gaps is directional when you need it to be. Its visionary, ita inspiration, its motivation, its creativity, it's putting the right people in your path when you need it, it's you being in the right place at the right time unexpectedly, it is the gut feelings of intuition and instinct, its the extra boost of energy you need yo get you through it, its the rest when you need that, its God knowing what you need before you do because he knows where he is calling you to go, and he is always seeing a 40,000-foot view of it.

Your ability to trust that and lean into that makes showing up so much better!

Listen to the rest of the podcast for a quick journaling assignment that will help!

Sending you all so much love today.

Talk soon.

What’s Your Enneagram?

Ok...I've been observing this for years.

I've seen this in hundreds of my clients/students at this point. Call this an impromptu case study, but here's what I have found:

Each Enneagram type has similar sets of challenges, struggles, limiting beliefs etc when building their business as an entrepreneur.

Each Enneagram, therefore, NEEDS to build their business a certain way. It's actually imperative. I can't stress this enough.

I have yet to find a cohesive attempt to outline this with specific regards to #Entrepreneurs - so I will do that at some point.

But...If an Enneagram 2 tries to build a business using methods that work for 8s - they will struggle. If a 4 tries to expand using a 1 strategy, that's gonna feel restrictive. And so on and so forth. If a 7 tries to do it the same as a 5, they will hate every minute of it!

Cookie cutter methods don't work because people are dynamic. Thus, building a business and receiving coaching in that area should also be - it's one of the reasons I make my clients take the Enneagram at some point. It helps me help them (yes, I'm certified).

Drop your Enneagram below...I'm tryna see something.

PS - if you were triggered by this because you don't want to be "put in a box" - you're probably a 4 (jk 😂) But seriously, it's not about that. This test, as with many others, is an attempt to understand the spectrum of human typology in small bites.

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You Were Created to Create

Stop consuming. Start creating.

In the 2020s there is an overwhelming amount of information available to us...and I think we over consume it.

Our desire to learn is a noble one - you do have to learn a thing or two to show up with excellence. But as entrepreneurs, we do it with this intention that we need to learn EVERYTHING about a particular something before we make a move. However, overconsumption leads to overthinking.

And we all know how your overthinking is holding you back. Analysis paralysis ain't it, friend.

Btw, there is NO other occupation that does this by the way. Surgeons don't learn every single thing about surgery before they start practicing. They learn new things through experience - the human body is complex. Lawyers don't memorize every single law before they make their first court appearance. It's impossible, legalities are complex.

Entrepreneurship...also complex!

You are NEVER going to know everything. Doesn't work that way.

I have no idea where this fear based framework comes in play as Entrepreneurs because it literally shows up no where else in life. So let's just stop that.

Here's what I do:
I choose to make some sort of decision with 70% of the information. The rest of the 30% is a combination of divine guidance, intuition, inspired action that will bring further clarity. I don't give myself time to overthink. Because

    1. I don't have time for that.
    2. Because I don't want to get into a habit that says I can't trust myself to make my own life's choices.

So, this is me saying...you know enough to begin today! You know enough to make moves today. You know know enough to create...and remember you were created to do so!

So, what are you creating? I wanna see it! Don't be shy! Share with me down below!

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Success Is Inevitable…

Certainty plays a big role in your 2021. Let me explain.

If you move into this new year, this new season, this new area with a mindset that says your success is merely a maybe, there is a high probability that you won't achieve much. There's not much to show up for there. Who wants to show up for a maybe?!? Maybe this will work, maybe it won't. That's not very motivating. Ew.

But if you knew for certain that all your work, all your faith, all your effort, all your intention was absolutely 100% going to produce the outcomes you wanted, you're light a little more 🔥 under your booty. Your show up for that, would you not?

And so it is with that level of certainty that you must make moves in the new year. That level of certainty makes you want to take inspired action. That level of certainty makes you want trust the process. That level of certainty leads to new possibilities, new ideas, new opportunities. Greater impact. Greater platform. Greater income. Whatever it is you're looking to expand into.

The mind is a powerful thing - we spend far too much time focusing on fears and lies from the pits of the underground! These don't actually serve you, fyi. All it does is give you an excuse to stay small, living a small life, doing small level things. Which would be fine if you didn't actually want more for yourself.

And I know you do! You can't fool me!

And so...let's flip the script. Write down what you want. Write down 10 things you feel led to do that will move you in the right direction (do you need to read a book, take a class, hire a coach, move to a new city, etc).

Then you make the decision today to do those things! Commit to showing up for it because if you know you are CERTAIN that when you do, success is inevitable!

Give yourself that gift today!

I'm always cheering you on!

xx, Dr. TT

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