Entrepreneurs, let me clarify something for you... Generally, in any industry, the top 10% are responsible for the top 90% of the revenue.

That means until you are in that top 10%, you are working to get your piece of only 10% of the pie.

That's not a lot.

The top 10% are the ones that make this look easy! Their life, their business, its aspirational! Make no mistake, it wasnt an overnight success situation. They put in the work. And that's what you must do... Work diligently to be THE BEST! Know your UVP and take it upon yourself to communicate that effectively in the online space. Social proof your brand. Tell stories strategically.

That's #digitalleadership my friend!

Until you are digitally in demand, your main focus is to become so.

As an ONLINE entrepreneur, you should be present on social media (that's not optional - so don't give me the I don't like social media excuse. If you're starting off your business fighting with the system, then, don't get mad when you're not making money). You should have digital products. IE - digital courses. Passive income. Things that don't require your presence for you to make money. Your paths to profit should be set up so that you wake up to money in your bank account. Everyday.

You should have a YouTube channel - and honestly, this is where I find a lot people miss the mark. YouTube isn't the easiest of social channels, I get that. But I am hosting a few free trainings for you soon, don't worry πŸ™‚. So, make it your mission to be digitally in demandβ„’

I could write a book on being digitally in demandβ„’ (actually I am hahaha. If I can just get it to my editor, I think we will be in good shape lol)