I'm in Paris...and I am working!

Aristotle said "pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work." If i could get all organizational admin to understand that concept and deploy initiatives to increase #jobsatisfaction, I think businesses could grow 10 fold. But i digress...

Stepping away from your everyday environment is important!

Creativity needs new spaces, new scenery, new lifeblood.

Get out, live life, make new friends, eat new food, give yourself the gift of a newness every once in awhile. Its important to your expansion. Theres a lot of untapped potential, just waiting to be discovered. A lot of new ideas that need a spark of creation to come to fruition 🌍 ps - as an entrepreneur, its your job to be inspired πŸ€—

In just a couple of days I have already been inspired by so many things and can't wait to get back and implement! Get ready guys...something is coming...actually, several somethings!! EEEEEEEEEK!