Platform Alumni

Ariane Fonseca


"Empowering women through fashion, speaking, mentorship & writing."

Bridgette Long


"My mission is to help individuals, families, and small business owners create, build and grow generational wealth."

Camille Stephens


Chiquita Battle


Jacqueline Clark


"I empower women to become an influential force in the earth." 

Cheryl Wright


Antionette Brookins

Life Coach & Licensed Therapist

"I host high energy, interactive workshops, conferences and training's and participates as a guest speaker and panelist for numerous mental health conferences and events both faith-based and secular alike."

Lee Nesbitt

Certified Growth Coach

"I partner with High Achieving Smart Conscious Women and a Few Good Men to maximize their education, experience, & power to develop and implement strategies that exceed their current success expectations & realities, create a life of abundance, build legacy & prosperity through mission-driven experiences, entrepreneurship, and activities, for themselves, present-day communities, and forthcoming generations."

Arlonda Stevens


"I empower women to transform their lives by living intentionally, on purpose and with CHARM – Consistently Having Aspirations, Respect & Manners."

Jasel Martin

Wellness Coach

"I help millions of people accomplish all of their health and wellness goals by empowering them and increasing their understanding about how their individual nutrition, fitness, physical activity, thoughts and habits influence overall longevity."

Laura Anderson

Life Coach

Charmaine Gibbs-West


"I created EssenceTree Holistic Life as a fusion of all the things I love the most: natural living/nature, self-healing, beautiful skincare, sisterhood and spirit."

Felicia Ford

Growth Strategist

"I provide growth strategy for busy creatives, leaders and change-makers to thrive in life + business."

Shannon Felder

Conflict Coach

Sherry Smith


Lerissa Burns


"I'm committed to providing direct and indirect services at no cost to applicants while focused on sharing the five key pillars of personal - and seven key pillars of human development, through the P²E² framework."

Pam McCray

Global Director

"Making it possible for people all over the world to improve their health and make money easily."

Kelli Johnson


"Championing positive experiences for athlete."

Kristen Guillory

Life Coach

"I help speakers monetize and make impacts with their MESSAGES!"

Kenyetta Simmons

Personal Coach

"I use my experiences and knowledge to encourage black girls to discover and embrace their individual strengths, passions, and dreams."

Kyra Crook


"I help my clients determine purpose & exemplify destiny."

LockMarie Richardson


Michelle Fuqua

Life Coach

"I help individuals to discover and unlock their purpose, release their power, and receive the prosperity that God intended for them to have."

Monica Baker

Motivational Speaker

Marlene Phillip

Professional Life Coach

"I help women like you overcome your struggles with limiting beliefs and insecurities, to walk in purpose and create the life you desire despite the obstacles you may face."

Paula Griffith


Scottie Winslow

Vice President

Sharon Lewis


"Providing quality educational courses that promotes success with entrepreneurship and obtaining your Tennessee Cosmetology License."

Shavannah Moore


I helps Leader around the Globe achieve specific goals and overcome obstacles to personal growth.

Sherell McLean

Life Coach

"Specializing in working with clients who are athlete minded, have difficulty dealing with navigating life transitions, and working towards mental and emotional fitness."

Shinese Collins


Artashea Batts


Tracie Brackens

Life Coach

Denise Clark


Angela Wesley


Tammi Davis


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