Signs of Self-sabotage

Quick litmus test. Rate yourself 1-7 with 1 being, nope never have that problems to 7 being Omg! That's me all day everyday!

✋🏽 You are a chronic overthinker - spend too much time chasing the cows in your mind, not enough time building fences.
✋🏽 You are a perfectionist - you refuse to show up 100% until everything is perfect, and since it never is, you never do.
✋🏽 You don't do things you know you know you should because you always need something else to happen first (example- you need to start a YouTube channel but won't make videos until you lose weight)
✋🏽 Negative Nancy is like your middle name. Your default setting is always glass half empty, I'm gonna fail, this won't work, etc
✋🏽 You normalize patterns and paradigms that don't really serve you long term - example: money and success only come from hard work. So you overwork, burn the candle at both ends until you're too tired to keep going.
✋🏽 A lot of your stress is self induced because you don't have boundaries and love playing the martyr.
✋🏽 You judge other people for having the things you want! (fame, money, followers, success, love, etc) and this is worth the weight of this entire post. Cuz most people live right here!

Add up your numbers.

What did you get?

👋🏽 Raise your hand if you scored if you scored above a 20.

If that's you - you may want to take a look at some things.

I'd suggest working specifically on anything you got a 4 or above.

It's time to release that crap! Self-saboteurs can stay in this decade. You won't need it where we are going in 2020 😉

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Dream Big: Show Up the Bigger and Better Version of Yourself

Listen up, buttercup!

Some of you are moving into the new year with HUGE goals - I know I am! I spend a whole day with my own coach mapping out 2020, which is about to be the biggest quantum leap I've ever had btw.

Having that container to uncover where my blocks are, talk through the stop signs, tell my ego to shut up, and step fully into my power feels good for me and my business. I do it every year. And every year my business grows exponentially.

Because I create space for it. Having high level support is non-negotiable for me.

We laughed, I cried, did the internal work and now I feel ready to rock. it was a whole vibe. But - man, am I excited about what's coming!!! PS - also hiring a new OBM, so if you know one please have them shoot me an email.

One thing that I know for sure is you are going to have to show up as a bigger, better version of yourself if you want the bigger, better version of life.

Quick Journaling exercise for you:

Write down your 2020 Vision.

Then after it's all laid out, ask yourself, who do i need to become in order to make all of this manifest.

For some of you, you will need to be more disciplined, others will need to be more intentional, others will need to stop letting fear be the stop sign. Some of you will need to stop overthinking and just do the dang thing! Whatever it is...That's the work you need to do.

Cuz we aren't gonna go into the new year with the same negative beliefs and patterns that don't serve us. 

Every moment is a holy instant where you can make a new choice. 

So... Tell me, who is this new version of you? I'd love to hear 👂🏽☺

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10 Things to Know Before You Become an Entrepreneur

10 things to Know Before You Become an Entrepreneur

By Dr. Tracy Timberlake

So you’ve been thinking about doing the whole entrepreneur thing.

I get it.

It’s really enticing, isn’t it?

You see other people bragging on their social media about how much money they make and how they are their own bosses (aka how they don’t have to answer to anyone else or be micromanaged all day, every day.

There are so many things that might attract you to entrepreneurship.

It might be the fact that you can take vacations days whenever you feel like it, sleep in until noon because you know you don’t have to work on anyone else’s timelines or maybe it’s the fact that you can run to pick up your kids from their piano recital in the middle of a work day without having to beg and plead to take your lunch break at a later time. Time freedom and freedom of schedule is one of the biggest benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Or maybe entrepreneurship is calling your name because you don’t want to wait until you’re 65 to see the world. You want to travel to every corner of the earth, tasting delicious food, learning about new cultures and making connections with amazing people.

For some people, it almost seems like a calling… like something they have to do.

Whatever your reason may be for leaving your 9-5 and starting the entrepreneur life, there are a few key things you should know before you get started.

I wanted to put this list together for you because although it may seem like all fun and games from what you may see on social media, I don’t want you to be fooled – most people will only show you their highlight reel.

So if you’re really going to commit to becoming an entrepreneur, I want to make sure you go into with both eyes open and armed with as much knowledge as you can get your hands on.

In my latest video, I am sharing 10 Things to Know Before You Become an Entrepreneur.

Now, this isn’t all of them. Everyone’s journey is going to be unique and you will only learn to navigate the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship once you dive right in.But for now, this is a pretty solid place to start!

Here’s a recap of what I will be covering in the video


Money is easy mindset is not, you cannot expect everyone to understand.


You have to participate.


Don’t underestimate the time it will take to reach your goals, but don’t over estimate either.


Learn to trust yourself.


Focus on money making activities first!


You decide the outcome. No one else.


It’s always about service. Not sales.


Presentation matters.


Set up your business systems so you’re not working 24 hours a day.


Get help.

Check it out and I’d love to know what you think!

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Why You Should NEVER Fall Asleep with the TV On

Why You Should NEVER Fall Asleep with the TV On

Here is a habit that you may have not known was detrimental: sleeping with the TV on, or having it on for background noise period! Let me explain…

I am back for another installment of Habits that are Keeping Your Stuck, and How to Fix Them. This time we are talking about TV. I have known a lot of people who love to keep the TV on in the background, just ‘cause they need a little white noise. Seriously, I knew friends in college who would do this while studying, and I never understood that!

I get that our brains operate differently, and some of us prefer having sounds in the background (not me. I actually love silence). But having the TV on can feed you with negative stuff that you may not even realize is affecting you.

Sure you can listen to the morning traffic report while you make your AM cup of joe, but you are also getting all of the bad stuff too! All of last nights shootings, and yesterdays robberies. So many things that are subconsciously programming us with fear and anxiety. And this is how we are starting our day! That’s nuts!

I talk more about it in the video BELOW, and give you some tips on how to overcome it as well and what you can do alternatively. Things can that can give you that white noise you seek., but feed your spirit and mind as well!

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Talk soon, 

Dr. TT

Do You Need New Friends?

Do You Need New Friends?

You might have heard it said that you are the average of the 5 people that you hang around the most. But you gotta ask yourself...

Is that a good thing? Or a bad thing?

I started a new series on my channel called HABITS THAT ARE KEEPING YOU STUCK AND HOW TO FIX THEM. Mostly, this is a response to the people who have asked me all of the "how to do become successful" type of questions.

I find that all successful people like Oprah, Steve Jobs, The Obamas, Beyonce, Ellen...they all have the same habits and traits. Conversely, those who struggle to find success have the same habits and traits as well, and this series is addressing those. Some of the habits that keep you stuck are habits you may be completely unaware of! So, hopefully this new series sheds some light on those and gives you some practical, tactical tips on how to overcome them and develop ones that serve you are your success much better!

Checkout out the full video down below, then let me know if you feel like you are in the right circle...or...if you feel like its time to make some new friends. 

Talk soon, 

Dr. TT