Are You The Employer Or The Employee?

I hate to break this to you, but...

If your "business" requires you to be present to make money - then you have a job.

❗ You're still trading dollars for hours.
❗ You're still operating in an employee mindset.
❗ And frankly, you're still now where you want to be.

This is why the wealthiest business gurus will always, always, always talk about passive income. If you don't have it, you need it.

If you don't know how to get it, I will show you.

Here are just a few passive income streams that I have in my streams of income portfolio:

🔸 Investments (insurance, real estate, stocks, crypto, etc)
🔸 My YouTube Channel - won't happen until you hit the benchmarks for Monetization, but... If you don't start, it will never happen.
🔸 Online courses!!!! Hello! Can we say max impact? Yes! Online courses.

🙃 It will change your whole life. Trust me. Knowledge is power - when it's leveraged. I'm about to break it all the way down, and show you how.

❣ Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being present. I love showing up. I love speaking on the stages and talking to my clients - but those are things I GET to do, not things I HAVE to do to make money.

And having passive streams of income means I get to do more of what I love. And, lemme just say... Life is good!

I want the same for you, so... Don't walk... RUN! 🏃🏾‍♀️

Get the info while I'm making it available. Idk when the next time will be 😊.

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Inner Self Vs. Outer Action

Unpopular Opinion🤷🏾‍♀️? 

Self-care is so buzzy right now. And don’t get me wrong, I love a self-care spa day! But I also find myself rolling my eyes at how many people use it as an excuse to not get stuff done.

Listen up! You are not gonna just self-care your way to success, my friend. 

Yes! self care is important.

You should find regular rhythms of rest. ⠀You should feed your soul. ⠀You should stay present and breathe into the moment. ⠀Destress, decompress. Do the inner work. ⠀Focus on your mindset and mental wellness. ⠀Meditate. ⠀Heal your inner child. ⠀Silence the inner critic.⠀Do all the things.

And I’m the first one to tell my clients to take a nap. But if you don’t move beyond that, what are we even doing it all for?

Here’s something I’ve noticed (mostly with women clients, but men – you are not exempt).

People get to the point where they just LOVE doing the inner work of getting to know themselves. It’s liberating. It’s exciting. It’s enlightening.

But it can also keep you stuck if you let it.

You can work on yourself so much that it becomes a distraction!

Its important to do the inner work. Believe me – it’s 100% necessary. I do it. I work with my clients to do it. But if you wanna get somewhere with your business, the inner work should be translating into outer action.

The inner work is supposed to make you more confident, more trusting of yourself, more sure of your calling. It should be inspiring, empowering, and action oriented.

Not lead you down a never ending spiral of trying to re-live every moment of your childhood to figure out what went wrong and why.

Self-care is a part of a 360 strategy. It is NOT a strategy all to itself.

Don’t get so focused on the inner that you neglect the service you were put on this planet to do.

The inner healing is never meant to be just for you. There are probably thousands who can benefit from it 😊

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Signs of Self-sabotage

Quick litmus test. Rate yourself 1-7 with 1 being, nope never have that problems to 7 being Omg! That's me all day everyday!

✋🏽 You are a chronic overthinker - spend too much time chasing the cows in your mind, not enough time building fences.
✋🏽 You are a perfectionist - you refuse to show up 100% until everything is perfect, and since it never is, you never do.
✋🏽 You don't do things you know you know you should because you always need something else to happen first (example- you need to start a YouTube channel but won't make videos until you lose weight)
✋🏽 Negative Nancy is like your middle name. Your default setting is always glass half empty, I'm gonna fail, this won't work, etc
✋🏽 You normalize patterns and paradigms that don't really serve you long term - example: money and success only come from hard work. So you overwork, burn the candle at both ends until you're too tired to keep going.
✋🏽 A lot of your stress is self induced because you don't have boundaries and love playing the martyr.
✋🏽 You judge other people for having the things you want! (fame, money, followers, success, love, etc) and this is worth the weight of this entire post. Cuz most people live right here!

Add up your numbers.

What did you get?

👋🏽 Raise your hand if you scored if you scored above a 20.

If that's you - you may want to take a look at some things.

I'd suggest working specifically on anything you got a 4 or above.

It's time to release that crap! Self-saboteurs can stay in this decade. You won't need it where we are going in 2020 😉

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Lull Mattress Review

Ok ladies and gentleman!!! I am finally ready to reveal to you one my my secrets to a good nights sleep!!!


OMG - ok, I did a full review on it, and you can check the video for that. Today, I want to talk to you about my not-so-great sleeping habits.

I have traditionally not been a great sleeper. And everyone always tries to give me advice, but let me tell ya, I have tried it all!!! Camomile tea, melatonin, valerian root, CBD oil, staring at a candle before bed, counting sheep, taking deep breaths..EVERYTHING (outside of prescription medication). 

Something may work for a night or two, but never consistently...until now that is!

The last several weeks, my sleep has been on point! What's changed? My Lull of course!

Full disclosure, they did send me the mattress for a sponsored video. But as someone who has been on a perpetual mission to find something that helps me sleep better, I am voluntarily singing its praises, my friends!

Now, I know that there are a ton of bed in a box options out there - seems like its the new craze. 

We have Casper vs Purple vs Nectar vs others that I can't think of right now. 

And I am sure they all have their benefits (I have tried a few of them myself). 

But, honestly, I think the Lull lends itself more to my style of sleep.

The video will give you all the deets, but here are few thoughts:

Firmness: Medium, but soft and plush - great for stomach sleepers like me, but I feel fully cradled and supported while sleeping on my back and/or side. 

Heat distribution - the mattress does a great job distributing heat. I had a hybrid memory foam mattress prior to this, and I ALWAYS woke up hot! And I am not even a HOT person, I generally run cold. 

Arrival and Assembly - it comes in a box that is probably somewhere around 3ft x 4.5ft -ish...don't quote me on those dimensions. All that to say, its not this huge, overwhelming box that you need 3 people to lift. I was able to move it from my door step to my bedroom and onto my bed all by myself! Yay me!

The video shows how I was able to do all of it. 

The only downside to the lull mattress that I can think of is the fact that it has to rise for 24 hours before you can sleep on it. Other than that! It's a keeper! I plan on getting another one for my guest room : )

So, if you are like me - on the sleep struggle bus, then I highly recommend you peep this! And with THIS link you will get $150 OFF! YAAASSSSS