Coaching and Consulting are still the fastest-growing industries in the world. Why?

Because specialized knowledge!

You see, we all grew up learning generalized knowledge. The reading, the writing, the ' was a modge podge of a lot of things. I will refrain from going on a tangent about how/why that happened, but the truth is, most of what we learned growing up is useless as an adult. You and I know it!

But now...we live in a beautiful time and space where it's all about specialized knowledge! This is why coaching/consulting is so powerful.

Most of us have areas of specialized interest, knowledge, skillsets that serve in that capacity.

Whether you help people learn how to invest in Crypto or how to start Amazon stores, or have a better prayer life, or how to get more followers on TikTok, there is a space for you in today's market.

As a matter of fact, the clearer, more specialized your area of expertise is, the easier is it to make money! Which is contrary to what most people think.

When I first start working with clients they come with the idea that they want to errbody and they mama! Which is noble, but not wise if you actually if you want to make
BIG money.

Because the riches are in the niches!

And if you are wondering what are the most profitable coaching niches of 2022, then here you go...50 Coaching Niches that my personal clients have been profitable with!

1. General Life Coaching
2. Health & Wellness Coaching
3. Functional Medicine Coaching
4. Executive Coaching
5. Leadership Coaching
6. Business Coaching
7. Social Media Coaching
8. Video Coaching
9. TV & Media Coaching
10. Public Speaking Coaching
11. Podcast Coaching
12. Mindset Coaching
13. Accountability Coaching
14. Relationship Coaching
15. Dating Coaching
16. Life After Divorce Coaching
17. Intimacy and Sex Coaching
18. Time Management Coaching
19. Financial Management Coaching
20. Stress and Anxiety Coaching
21. Confidence Coaching
22. Parenting Coaching
23. Birth Coaching
24. Grief Coaching
25. Conflict Management Coaching/Consulting
26. Sales Coaching
27. Facebook Ads Coaching
28. Google Ads/YouTube Ads Coaching
29. Influencer Coaching
30. Succession Planning Coaching/Consulting
31. Copywriting Coaching
32. Sports Coaching
33. Dance Coaching
34. Vocal Coaching
35. Audition Coaching
36. Crypto Coaching
37. NFT Coaching
38. Investing Coaching
39. Life Skills Coaching (mostly for young adults)
40. Etiquette Coaching
41. Non-Profit Coaching
42. Book Writing Coaching
43. Self-Publishing Coaching
44. Personal Styling/Wardrobe Coaching
45. Personal Branding Coaching
46. Makeup Coaching
47. Hair Coaching
48. Home Organization Coaching
49. Design & Decor Coaching
50. Plant/Gardening Coaching

...and there are soooo many more! This list isn't at all comprehensive. But hopefully it does give you an idea of what you can build your empire on!

Millions of dollars will be made by Coaches, Consultants and Entreprenuers who fall in the above categories. If your niche is on that list, then I want to help you take it to
6-Figures this Quarter, because why would you settle for anything less?

Join the 5-Day Quarterly Cashflow Challenge, I want to walk you through taking your area of specialized knowledge to create containers that make sense for YOUR Purpose, YOUR Mission and YOUR People. A few thousand here and there is cute and all, but...let's get real, 6-Figures should really be the minimum.

We start January 10...let's do this thing!