The value of time... There is a story about Pablo Picasso. One day he was sitting in the park painting when a woman came to him and asked him to paint her portrait. He agreed and once he finished, he gave the picture to the woman. She loved it! She was astonished by the quality and said "Wow, this is perfect. How much do I owe you?". "$5,000", Picasso said. "$5,000!!! But it only took you a few minutes to draw this!". "No ma'am", Picasso replied. "It took me my entire life". Why do I tell you this story? Because trading $$$ for hours is not smart! It's very much a poor person's mindset. Let me show you what I mean in real time.

Let's say you make $20/hr = $41,600/yr. 

You want to start a business cuz you know that will increase your income, your impact and your financial freedom. There’s a $5k program that will help you, but spending thousands of dollars is "too expensive." So instead, you decide to stay where you are and google your way to greatness. Biggest time suck ever! At the end of the year you still have no business.'re proud of yourself cuz...whew! You saved $5k, right?

But you have a twin sister who also works at your same job, making $20/hr. She hates it too. But she decides to do something crazy. She makes the $5k investment, she knows she has a much greater skill that she needs to learn to monetize. And she does just that! She learns how to turn $20/hr into 40! Doubling her income.

 Instead of making $41K a year, they now make $82K and that will continue to ⬆️ from a $5k investment.

And that’s the difference between a poor person's mindset and a rich person's mindset. It’s all about understanding the value of time + investment.

Stop spending money. Learn to Invest it in things that give you time back and do what picasso did! 

No vision board in the world will get you to where you wanna go if you aren't willing to take calculated risks to get there.

You can work for money, or make it work for you. Your choice.