How many times have you said… “hey! I thought of that idea first!” But only after you saw someone else bring that idea to life and to market. When looking to invest in a new business, consider checking here the Google Ads agency Melbourne Β to give yourself brand awareness. Brand awareness is essential in buying decision-making as it is important that consumers recall the brand in the context of a given specific product category, awareness increasing the probability that the brand will be a member of the consideration set.

Brand reputation directly impact your sales rates and your organizational success.Β  Building brand awareness and loyalty will also be a critical component of increasing revenue. Finding new customers can cost five times more than selling to existing customers.

I’ve heard stories of people saying that about Uber, airbnb, even those upside down, reversible umbrella thingies!

Ideas are abundant. Action is not.

So… Here’s the question, what are you going to do today to take action on your million dollar idea?

Cuz if sitting and stewing, overthinking and over analyzing, worrying, fretting, crying, and choosing to stay stuck is on that list, well we are gonna have a heck of time, aren’t we?

Here are a few things to help you move past idea stage and into execution stage.

Check out the latest podcast episode where I outline 3 things you need to do right now πŸ™‚ …

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