Here is a habit that you may have not known was detrimental: sleeping with the TV on, or having it on for background noise period! Let me explain…

I am back for another installment of Habits that are Keeping Your Stuck, and How to Fix Them. This time we are talking about TV. I have known a lot of people who love to keep the TV on in the background, just β€˜cause they need a little white noise. Seriously, I knew friends in college who would do this while studying, and I never understood that!

I get that our brains operate differently, and some of us prefer having sounds in the background (not me. I actually love silence). But having the TV on can feed you with negative stuff that you may not even realize is affecting you.

Sure you can listen to the morning traffic report while you make your AM cup of joe, but you are also getting all of the bad stuff too! All of last nights shootings, and yesterdays robberies. So many things that are subconsciously programming us with fear and anxiety. And this is how we are starting our day! That’s nuts!

I talk more about it in the video BELOW, and give you some tips on how to overcome it as well and what you can do alternatively. Things can that can give you that white noise you seek., but feed your spirit and mind as well!

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Talk soon, 

Dr. TT